#landantwin #landantwin2

July 23, 2012
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Hanging out by the East Bank Club pool you might encounter these two entrepreneurial brothers known collectively as the Landan Twins. They’re kind of the twin, male, Midwestern version of a Nicole Richie with yellow toe nail polish.  The brothers are scenesters with a dedicated Twitter following who’s business is to freshen your lifestyle.They were surprisingly energetic and professional arriving with a stack of expensive watches (attended by a security guard),  and their own stash of vodka delivered by liquor messenger. I shot these guys in my studio for the cover of Time Out Chicago as they leapt deftly as miniature gazelles wielding with cocktail glasses. Not a drop of Grey Goose was spilled.

Styling: Heather Brooks
Make up: Morgal Blaul
Retouching: Tim Blokel
Photo Editor: Nicole Radja
On-set art director: Carrie Ferris

#landantwin #landantwin2