Occupy Shakespeare

August 23, 2012
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Guy Fawkes, better known by the masks worn by the occupying 99% is credited for the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to blow up the House of Lords. A true domestic terrorist, though back then simply a rebellious bloke whose attempt to make a point was foiled.

I did my historical research to art direct  and shoot this new image for the upcoming production of Equivocation,  at Victory Gardens Theater. The play was written by Bill Cain and is directed by the incomparable and always surprising, Sean Graney.

In London in the year 1605, a down-and-out playwright called Shagspeare (yes, it’s him) receives a royal commission to write a play promoting the government’s version of Guy Fawkes’ treasonous Gunpowder Plot. As Shag navigates the dangerous course between writing a lie and losing his soul, or writing the truth and losing his head, his devoted theater troupe helps him negotiate each step along the way.
~Victory Garden’s

Photography and art direction: Saverio Truglia
Victory Gardens: John Zinn, Tim Speicher
Actor: Marc Grapey
Wardrobe: Aly Amidei
Retouching: Tim Blokel
Hands: The Witches of Intern

Occupy Shakespeare