Underwear Overlord

October 31, 2012
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When it’s character development I’m doing for my clients I usually get a pencil sketch of some stick figure standing against a wash of gray with a sketchy prop or in a vague wardrobe. The rest is kind of up to me and the art director to flesh out.

This time in addition to those simple (but color)sketches, boutique Kansas City ad agency Meers gave me a descriptive deck describing the three characters they wanted me to create for their Missouri Gas Energy campaign .  I prefer the vagueness of sketches and descriptions because it forces the conversation about who these characters are and it frees me to define them more specifically. Sometimes good creative takes its own sweet time and although we didn’t have the luxury of time, the art director and I had a great exchange about how to interpret the layouts.  Budget was a concern so I made the best use of our money by making some logistical adjustments so to milk our dolla’s dry. The choices we made really changed the creative for the better and I’m confident we have a stronger campaign for it.

Agency: Meers
Creative Director: Dave Thornhill
Art Director: Brandon Bennett
Client: Missouri Gas Energy

Underwear Overlord